Noosa is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular wedding destinations, and it’s no surprise why. The sunshine shire is home to gorgeous beaches, a stunning coastal national park hinterland wonders and a stunning coastal national park alongside enviable cosmopolitan amenities.

Now that you have your perfect fairy tale setting – it’s time to make sure this crucial chapter in your love  story unfolds with similar enchantment. You can set the perfect stage, but to really bring your guests into the magic you need an engaging expert in storytelling; you need the perfect celebrant.

Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the top ten celebrants in Noosa, Queensland so you can be sure you find the perfect match to help you tie the knot:

Professional, warm and genuine– Jay Flood prides himself on his authentic personality as a marriage celebrant. He has a passion fora creating ceremonies that highlight a couple’s unique story in a moving and relatable way.

With hundreds of ceremonies’ worth of experience, nothing phases him. Did we mention you could also rent a character filled Kombi (‘Rusta the Kombi’) you can use to ferry the bridal partyfrom him? One no fuss fee of $695 for any day of the week.

Celebrant : Jay Flood

Jacqui Clarke is relaxed, fun, fabulous and willing to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for traditional and formal or off the beaten trail, she is all about being flexible to suit your vision. Her ceremonies are delivered with expertise gained from over ten years of experience making couples’ dreams a reality as a marriage celebrant.

With different packages to suit a variety of budgets, her fees begin at $450 for a basic package. As a bonus, Jacqui’s husband works along side her to make sure her PA system and your music are running smoothly at no extra cost.

Celebrant : Jacqui Clarke

Claire has amassed great deal of experience presiding over weddings since beginning her career in 2004. As a professional with experience in both the business world and professional counselling, she is perfectly experienced and educated to help you navigate the legal details and emotional delicacy of one of the most important days of your lives.

Claire works with you to create an authentic ceremony the accommodates your style and is happy to either provide suggestions for your vows if you’d like help or leave you to write your own. It’s all about making you happy on your big day! Contact her directly for details on fees.

Celebrant : Claire Kuyper

Sabina prides herself on her dedication to going “above and beyond” to ensure the couple have an easy experience navigating the legal side of things by connecting with you after the ceremony to make sure all loose ends are tied up.

She believes in personalizing your ceremony to showcase your love, aspirations as a couple, hopes and dreams. If you like a bit of humour, she’s also happy to include some light-hearted moments in your big day. The investment averages about $550, depending on the ceremony package you choose.

Celebrant : Sabina

Bright and bubbly with a wicked sense of humour, Francesca Ellul delivers magical moments tailor made for her couples. With years of experience, she works with you to design a wedding that fits your personality, priding herself on her ability to give your ceremony the right structure, excitement complemented by a little passion.

She is extremely community oriented and loves to be a part of couples’ big days. With different options for tailoring your ceremony, costs vary. Contact her directly for a quote.

Celebrant : Francesca Ellul

Natasha Hills is a full-time marriage celebrant with experience conducting over 340 ceremonies. As a dedicated professional, she is extremely organized and detail-oriented – perfect for the couple looking for a no fuss, stress free experience.

Natasha is another officiant with flexibility; she appreciates individuality of each couple and works with you to create a ceremony that celebrates your love and fits your style. Her fees average around $800.

VIDEO: Natasha Hills Celebrant

Celebrant : Natasha Hills

Professional, charming and relaxed, Brendan’s sparkling personality easily brings guests into the excitement of the day and has them hanging on his every word. His style is to lean into the romance of the day with a touch of laughter.

Though he has a relaxed demeanor, he is professional and offers a seamless process to help you plan the ceremony and make sure you’re prepared with everything you need to make it official. Reach out directly for a quote.

VIDEO: Brendan Anning Celebrant

Celebrant : Brendan Anning

chapters of the heart civil celebrant

Colleen Ker is known for her sincerity and true love for all things romance. Perfect for the couple who want to lean into the heartfelt side of the day, Colleen will work with you to design a personalised ceremony that brings your personal fairy tale to life.

Her fees average about $350 depending on the type of ceremony you’re after. Reach out to ask her bout how she can help make your special day a reality.

Celebrant : Colleen Ker

With fond memories of her own big day, Sarah really understands the vital role a celebrant plays in bringing a couple into this next chapter of their lives. She strives to make a connection with the crowd and engage your guests in a fun and unique ceremony designed just for you.

She has gained over a decade of experience in the film and television industry and also worked as a wedding coordinator, meaning she knows the wedding scene but also has that professional performance touch that allows her to captivate your guests with ease. Reach out directly for a quote.

Celebrant : Sarah Roberts

Gerald Victor is a professional with many years of experience. He prides himself on his ability to expertly walk you through all the legal steps and different details of your big day in a way that is easy to understand.

As a seasoned, easy going celebrant he is all about flexibility. He’ll work with you to create a ceremony that fits both your vision and your budget – whether it’s quick and simple, an elaborate affair or anything in between.

Celebrant : Gerald Victor


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Celebrants often get overlooked as couples fuss over the other details of their big day – between the venue, flowers, outfits and décor, the celebrant is often hastily hired because “they’ll do”. We’re here to caution you to take a step back and appreciate the pivotal role the celebrant plays in your day. They are responsible for that one moment the whole day revolves around; marrying you! They’re worth the time and effort of picking the right photographer, so choose wisely.