Dreaming of a perfect wedding on the sun-kissed shores of Hamilton Island? Look no further! Your journey to marital bliss begins with the right celebrant. Amidst the turquoise waters and breathtaking landscapes, Hamilton Island, QLD, Australia, offers a haven for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience. Imagine exchanging vows in this tropical paradise, surrounded by the people you love. To make this dream a reality, we’ve curated a list of the top marriage celebrants on the island, ready to weave your love story into the fabric of this idyllic destination. Let’s explore the talented individuals who can turn your wedding day into a cherished memory.

Picture this: Your love, the sparkling sea, and the perfect celebrant to officiate your union. It’s not just a ceremony; it’s your love story unfolding against the backdrop of Hamilton Island’s beauty. Dive into our selection and discover the celebrant who will craft a ceremony as unique as your love.

Peter Upton Celebrant

Meet the heartwarming duo behind Whitsundays Wedding Celebrant, Peter Upton. Nestled in the stunning Whitsundays since 1995, Peter, a seasoned celebrant since 2010, crafts personalised ceremonies reflecting the unique love and personalities of each couple. With a background in health and fitness studies, his calming presence ensures a relaxed atmosphere, especially for those feeling jittery. Together with his wife Carolyn, a skilled journalist, they form a dynamic ‘front and back end’ team. While Peter focuses on the joyous presentation of ceremonies, Carolyn seamlessly manages the administrative details. Their commitment extends beyond legalities, aiming to make your day stress-free and utterly memorable. Choose Peter Upton Celebrant for a wedding ceremony as unique as your love story.

Address: Hamilton Island, QLD

Phone: 0429 467 267

Social: Peter Upton Celebrant

Contact : Peter Upton

Deanna McKeowen Celebrant

Bringing dreams to life in the heart of Whitsundays, this seasoned marriage celebrant, Deanna McKeowen, crafts unique ceremonies that mirror each couple’s love story. With over 15 years of expertise, she transforms wedding day visions into reality, from the pristine Whitehaven Beach to the lush landscapes of Hamilton Island. A genuine and engaging professional, Deanna ensures every detail is meticulously handled, leaving couples to relish their special day hassle-free. Having experienced her own Whitsundays wedding, Deanna cherishes creating moments that are uniquely significant to each couple, fostering a warm and personal touch. Let Deanna weave your love story into a magical Whitsunday wedding ceremony.

Address: Jones Rd, Airlie Beach QLD 4802

Phone: 0402 135 202

Social: Deanna McKeowen Celebrant

Contact : Deanna McKeowen

Kylie McIntosh Wedding Celebrant

With 24 years of expertise spanning wedding planning, banquet management, and decor styling, Kylie McIntosh is a sought-after Marriage Celebrant in the Whitsundays, Cairns, and Palm Cove. Specialising in destination weddings, Kylie’s easygoing, fun, and friendly approach resonates with couples seeking a unique ceremony. Her alert and passionate personality ensures a proactive, organised, and detail-oriented service, fostering emotional connections with couples. A mum of three and stepmother of two, Kylie’s modern family life mirrors her adaptable, accommodating style. From opal selling on Hamilton Island to managing events, Kylie’s diverse journey culminated in her true calling as a dedicated Marriage Celebrant, adding warmth and joy to weddings worldwide.

Address: Whitsundays, Shute Harbour Rd, Cannonvale QLD 4802

Phone: 0427 726 710

Social: Kylie McIntosh Wedding Celebrant

Contact : Kylie McIntosh

Your Seaside Celebrant

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Whitsundays, this Commonwealth-registered Marriage Celebrant on Hamilton Island is dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments for couples. With a genuine passion for the commitment of marriage, they bring a personal touch to each ceremony, tailoring it to your unique needs while ensuring all legal requirements are met. Boasting 16 years immersed in the Whitsunday region, their expertise extends from secluded sandy beaches to opulent five-star resorts. Having witnessed the area’s evolution into a premier wedding destination, they offer insights into the plethora of beautiful locations available. Trust in their local knowledge and warm approach to create the perfect day for you.

Address: Cannonvale, Queensland 4802

Phone: 0497 123 494

Social: Your Seaside Celebrant

Contact : Helen Galea

Donna Fornasiero Celebrant

Embark on the voyage of matrimony with Donna Fornasiero, known as The Sailing Celebrant, in the breathtaking Hamilton Island. As an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant and a Commissioner for Declarations, Donna effortlessly blends her roles as Captain and Celebrant, guiding couples on their journey of love. Residing in Airlie Beach since 2000, she marries her passion for the turquoise waters of the Whitsunday Islands with crafting heartfelt ceremonies. A vibrant modern celebrant, Donna tailors each ceremony with love, warmth, and attention to detail. Whether an intimate affair or a grand celebration, Donna ensures your wedding day mirrors your unique love story, creating unforgettable moments on the azure seas.

Address: Hamilton Island, QLD

Phone: 0427 040 972

Social: Donna Fornasiero Celebrant

Contact : Donna Fornasiero

Colleen Farry Marriage Celebrant

In the heart of Mackay and the Whitsundays, celebrate your love story with Colleen Farry, a devoted Marriage Celebrant dedicated to crafting unforgettable ceremonies. With a passion for joyous occasions, Colleen brings warmth and professionalism to your special day, ensuring a unique and cherished experience. Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of the region, choose from private beaches, lush rainforests, or mountain retreats as the backdrop for your vows. Colleen’s commitment extends beyond officiating—she collaborates with couples to tailor ceremonies, embracing personal touches and cultural traditions. Trust Colleen Farry to make your wedding day in Hamilton Island truly exceptional.

Address: Sarina, QLD 4737

Phone: 0412 571 306

Social: Colleen Farry Marriage Celebrant

Contact : Colleen Farry


As the sun sets on your Hamilton Island wedding day, we hope these top celebrants have added a touch of magic to your love story. Each one brings a unique flair to the ceremony, ensuring your wedding is a reflection of your love and commitment. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, these celebrants have the expertise to make your dreams come true. With the island breeze whispering its blessings, and the memories of your special day etched in your hearts, Hamilton Island becomes more than a destination; it becomes the canvas of your love story. Cheers to a lifetime of joy, laughter, and the everlasting love you’ve declared on this slice of paradise. May your journey together be as beautiful as the tropical sunsets you witnessed on your wedding day.