Nearly half of Australian couples think of their wedding ceremony as the most important part of their big day. It’s the whole reason you’ve gathered everyone together, and that time during the day that can deliver that touch of magic.

Aside from the couple’s love for each other, the key element to making a wedding ceremony one to remember is choosing the right celebrant.

If you’re a fun-loving couple, you’ll want someone who fits into your lighthearted style.If you’re romantic and sentimental, you’ll need an engaging person who won’t overdo the jokes.

To help you add that fairy tale touch of wonderment to your big day, we have compiled this top 7 list of celebrants in the South Coast to help you find the perfect person:

Kim O’Sullivan promises professional and stylish weddings. For the couple looking for a bit of elegance on their big day, she could be the perfect celebrant.

As an extremely family-oriented person, Kim can bring a dignified sentimentality to this sacred moment. Her fees begin at $575, and she can work with each couple to design a ceremony that fits both their needs and budget.

Phone: 0405 175 223

Social: Kim O’Sullivan

Contact : Kim O’Sullivan

As a celebrant, Kylie brings a young and bubbly persona to her role that makes her fun and easy to work with. She has a flexible approach to your ceremony, with packages ranging from stylish, quick and simple, to a fairy-tale ceremony that walks guests through your whole story and journey together.

With Kylie, you even have the option of purchasing an extra hard covered keepsake book of your printed ceremony on linen paper. With flexible options she also has a sliding price scale, and you can reach out to her for a quote through her website.

VIDEO: Kylie Jones Celebrant

Phone: 0418 613149

Social: Kylie Jones

Celebrant : Kylie Jones

Looking for someone to deliver a highly personalized and unique ceremony? Paul Wheeler describes himself as “thriving on being a little left of centre” and is perfect for the fun-loving, non-traditional couple.

As a musician and Master of Ceremonies, Paul has been gaining experience performing in front of crowds for over 20 years. This makes him uniquely positioned as an engaging celebrant – it’s like having a charming brother or best friend who can flawlessly deliver the perfect amount of emotion and laughter. Reach out for price details.

Phone: 0417 202 232

Social: Paul Wheeler

Celebrant : Paul Wheeler

Ben Ager is starkly against the idea that the ceremony is a boring part of your wedding day that you need to just “get through” to get to the party. As a quirky and entertaining celebrant, couples love him for his cheeky banter and laid back, relaxed demeanour.

With over 20 years of experience as a film, stage and television actor,he brings a charismatic presence to the ceremony while always maintaining an element of dignity, elegance and depth.

His ceremonies are delivered at a cost of $1150 on the South Coast, and $1050 in Sydney.

Phone: 0414 493 563

Social: Ben Ager Uber-Celebrant Sydney

Celebrant : Ben Ager

Trish Whitfield is a dedicated celebrant with a deep respect for weddings as one of the most important moments in a couple’s lives.

Known for her great warmth of spirit,she offers quality ceremonies conducted with poise, sensitivity, and a gentle sense of humour.  She has different ceremony options for couples to choose from to tailor to their unique tastes. Visit her website to reach out for a quote.

Address: 137 The Pkwy, Bradbury NSW 2560

Phone: 0438 223 931

Social: Life's Journeys - Trish Whitfield

Celebrant : Trish Whitfield

Sandra Basile performs all types of marriages for all loving couples, and offers resources including readings, vows and even music to help you customize your day.

As an attentive listener, she responds well to couples’ needs and wishes. Contact directly for fees.

Phone: 0411 105 110

Social: Sandra Basile

Celebrant : Sandra Basile

Allison Collins provides beautiful custom ceremonies that reflect the romance and depth of each couple’s commitment and unique story.

With her attention to detail, Allison can deliver custom ceremonies that suit each couple and make their day a perfect fit for them. Her bubbly personality is engaging and will have everyone in the room believing in true love.

Contact directly for fees.

Phone: 0447 622 556

Social: Alison Collins

Celebrant : Allison Collins



Magic – that ethereal, beautiful, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it quality that any good love story needs.

Your wedding ceremony may not be the beginning of your story, but it marks a pivotal moment in one of the most important chapters. It’s that point when you look at each other, in front of friends and family, and commit to a lifetime together.

You hold hands, look into the unknown and promise to be with each other through it all, no matter what.

There’s a reason they hand out tissues at wedding ceremonies – they offer some of life’s most beautiful moments that should be cherished.

Most importantly, they should be delivered skillfully from someone you trust. Make sure you choose the right person to be there for you for your special day.


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