There is a feeling of excitement when we hear the word ‘honeymoon’. Being newly married means a lot of things: new life, new memories, new experiences, all ‘together’. Watching all those romantic movies growing up, all of us have different ideas and dreams about how our ideal honeymoon will be. Beaches, resorts, someplace that have an ideal temperature, exotic food, solitude and positive vibes, we dream of it all.

Why India?

India is a unique country with so much to offer; the breathtakingly beautiful places, the positive energy, the tourist facilities, all of these will leave one wanting for more, especially if they are visiting on their honeymoon. The country has an exotic feel about it. There are a variety of cultures that one can experience; it is diverse in the truest sense.

Listed here are the 10 best honeymoon destinations in India that can be visited to make a memorable trip out of your special vacay!


#1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

When you visit the Andaman Islands, located near the southern region of India, you are bound to experience a piece of heaven on earth. With lush greenery and turquoise blue, crystal clear waters, the Andaman’s will capture your heart forever and make your honeymoon worthwhile. It will give you the privacy that every newly married couple desires. Away from the maddening crowds, among the 572 islands, of which only a few are habitable, Havelock Island is the most popular destination. There are many activities which you can do while in the Andamans’ such as:


Things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

1. Scuba-diving: If you are adventurous and the motto of your life is ‘carpe diem’  you must try scuba diving at the Andaman’s. The coral reefs are bound to make for a great honeymoon and unforgettable memories.

2. Candlelight dinner on the beach: It is your honeymoon, having candlelight dinner would be the perfect addition to your honeymoon trip.

3. Beachside honeymoon tour: There are many honeymoon tour packages that can be availed. These tours notch things up a bit and make the trip all the more romantic and memorable.

4. Kayaking: If you and your spouse are adventure junkies then you must try Kayaking in the Andamans. However, before you opt for kayaking, make sure you have the relevant skills for the same.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have an ideal temperature almost throughout the year. However, from May to December the temperature is favourable with clear skies and fine weather.

Average Temperature: 27°C to 34°C.

Hotels: Placid Garden Resort, Havelock Island should be your first choice. You can also try the Wonderland Beach Resort or The Barefoot at Havelock.

Flight Prices: Sydney Airport to Port Blair Airport for around $1500* AUD for a round trip per person during the peak season.


#2 Munnar

Situated in Kerala, Munnar is a hill station situated in the southern part of India. During the British Raj in India, it was a resort for the elite, where they would go and relax during the extremely hot summers of India. There are many things to do in Munnar which you and your better half can do at one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, such as visiting Eravikulam National Park in the area. You could also simply lounge in your hotel room and gaze at the green slopes. It is a very popular destination to visit on a honeymoon with a range of activities and attractions.


Things to do in Munnar

1. Enjoy a shikara ride at the Kundala Lake: Couples can enjoy a soothing shikara ride at the Kundala Lake which has a serene view and breathtaking landscape.

2. Stay at a treehouse: Treehouses offer eco-friendly habitation for you amidst nature’s bounty.

3. Eravikulum National Park: The Eravikulum National Park is among the country’s famous tourist spots. You can go exploring in the thick forests, forest reserves and the national park to discover rare species.

4. Have a picnic near Lakkam waterfalls: The Lakkam Waterfalls has a peaceful surrounding offering a great environment for a picnic with your better half.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: June is the ideal time to visit the place.

Average Temperature: around 25°C.

Hotels: Landy Queen hotel would be a great choice. Other good options can be Munnar Tea Country Resort and The Panoramic Gateway.

Flight Prices: Nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport in Kerala. Prices are around $1500 AUD for a round trip per person from Sydney to Cochin.


#3 Agra

What better time to visit the monument of love, than your honeymoon? The city of Agra, in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, boasts of the marble beauty that is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is known as the symbol of eternal love and is the best choice one can make to visit and celebrate their love. The dome at the top of the Mahal resembles an infinite circle, thus symbolizing love. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had it made during his rule in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal whom he loved dearly. It is a sight to behold and will make you feel mushy when you are roaming on the terrace of this piece of architectural wonder.


Things to do in Agra

There are a variety of places you can visit in Agra starting from the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and the tomb of Akbar the Great. These places are of historical importance. The architecture is a blend of Mughal and Indian styles which make the designs all the more intricate and unique.

Besides visiting the Taj Mahal everyday, you can also explore the local markets which are full of local handicrafts.

Take a miniature Taj Mahal replica back with you as a souvenir.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: Between Autumn and Winter (October to March)

Average Temperature: 22°C

Hotels: The Courtyard by Marriott Agra is a luxury hotel providing a range of amenities. Other luxury choices are The Oberoi Amarvilas and ITC Mughal A Luxury Collection Hotel Agra.

Flight Prices: Flight tickets range from 900* AUD to 1000* AUD for a round trip from Sydney to New Delhi which has the nearest airport. Then you can cover the rest of the distance by road (235 km approx).


#4 Srinagar

Located in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is known as the Switzerland of East. It has a view that is picture-perfect and is a wonderful honeymoon destination. There are many attractions in Srinagar, such as the picturesque Dal Lake which is the biggest draw, the Mughal Gardens, Nishant Bagh ( or Garden), Shalimar Bagh and many more. It is famous for its house-boats as well. The images of a Shikara (narrowboat) on the lake are something that pulls lovers from across the world to this place in summers. You would definitely want to stand with the love of your life on the green slopes while the clouds are drifting past you. Given its heavenly beauty it goes without saying that you have a number of things to do in Srinagar.


Things to do in Srinagar

1. You can visit the famous Shankaracharya temple to feel the divinity and witness Hindu rituals first-hand.

2. Trekking, Skiing  & more: You can also try adrenaline-filled activities in Srinagar such as trekking, paragliding, skiing and horse riding.

3. Houseboats on the Dal Lake: If you are visiting Srinagar book a stay for you and your other half in one of the gorgeous houseboats that are afloat on the Dal Lake; they have hotel-like accommodations.

Other things to do in Srinagar include having local cuisines and shopping for local items.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: April-October

Average Temperature: 19°C to 24°C

Hotels: The Orchard Retreat & Spa is a luxury cottage with a balcony. You can also try The Lalit Grand Palace or Houseboat Acropolis which is located near the scenic Dal Lake.

Flight Prices: 1500 AUD/ person for a round trip from Sydney to New Delhi which is the nearest airport. You can cover the rest of the distance by road (800 km approx), rail or air.


#5 Alleppey

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is a beautiful city which is famous for its houseboat cruises. Alappuzha Beach is located next to the Laccadive Sea, it is the site for the 19th century Alappuzha Lighthouse. There is a unique kind of pleasure when you are skimming the waters in a houseboat with no one to bother you while you enjoy the serene waters and green foliage around you. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for sure. Activities for couples to do there are aplenty.


Things to do in Alleppey

1. Gorgeous beaches: Experience the romantic sunset from the lighthouse and have an idyllic time at the beachside.

2. Authentic Indian Spas: Rejuvenate at the spas with ancient Indian ayurvedic treatment.

3. Sunset Swims: Swim through the sunsets at Pozhiyoram beach with your partner and have a fun-filled and thrilling experience.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: November to February.

Average Temperature: 15°C to 27°C

Hotels: Alleppey Houseboats will provide the romantic stay that one needs on a honeymoon. You can also try Casino Houseboats. For land options, you can choose Ramada Alleppey.

Flight Fares: From Sydney to Cochin International Airport (nearest to Alleppey), the flight prices are within 1500 AUD/ person for a round trip. The rest of the distance can be travelled by road (53 km approx).


#6 Jaipur

Jaipur, or the ‘Land of Kings’. It is an epitome of India’s ancient rulers of the state of Rajasthan, whose legacy can be felt in the vibe and the architecture of its main city Jaipur. There are two beautiful walled colonies there known as the Pink City and the Blue City. The houses there are made of pink and blue stones respectively. At Jaipur you can undoubtedly find a plethora of places to visit.


Things to do in Jaipur

1. Ancient Architecture: Hawa Mahal, Lake Pichola, City Mahal among other attractions that can be visited.

2. More Ancient Tourist Attractions: Jal Mahal, Amer FORT, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar are among the other attractions that can be visited the next day.

3. Local Shopping: Other than visiting these beautiful places you can also experience things to do in Jaipur such as shopping for local items, experiencing the nightlife in Jaipur.

4. Safari Ride: Going on a Jeep Safari into the desert areas as well as experiencing hot air balloon rides is also great activities to indulge in.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: November to January

Average Temperature: 22°C to 39°C

Hotels: The Buena Vista Resort is a wonderful resort with the look and feel of a palace, with a private pool in each room. Other great options are Umaid Mahal and The Lalit Jaipur.

Flight Fares: 1000 AUD-2000 AUD from Sydney to Jaipur for a round trip.


#7 Kovalam

Another beautiful beach in the South Indian state of Kerala, Kovalam is a small coastal town that can be visited if keeping things simple is on your agenda. The attractions there are aplenty. So what are the things to do in Kovalam?


Things to do in Kovlam

1. Gorgeous Beaches: Taking long walks on the beach and drinking sweet coconut water is an experience you would want to have for sure. The beaches are palm-backed; the two main beaches there are Samudra Beach and Hawa Beach. The serene beauty and the calm waters will surely fill your heart with happiness and peace as you soak in the vibe of this idyllic location, alongside your love. Kovalam has some of the best backwaters and beahces in the country.

2. Sightseeing: Go on a sightseeing tour of the town, experience a passionate night with your better half in one of the houseboats.

3. Catamaran Ride: You can also go for a serene and calming catamaran ride.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: November to February.

Average Temperature: 25.5 °C

Hotels: Wilsons Ayurvedic Beach Resorts is a budget-friendly resort where newly married couples go for their honeymoon. Luxury options are The Leela Kovalam and Taj Green Cove Resort.

Flight Fares: 1000 AUD per person for a roundtrip from Sydney Airport to Cochin International Airport (nearest airport). The rest of the distance can be covered by road (215 kms approx).


#8 Puducherry

Initially known as Pondicherry, Puducherry is a unique honeymoon destination. It was a French colonial settlement until 1954, thus the architecture and food still retain the French influence. The vibe is very peaceful and slow-paced, ideal for a couple that wants some us-time. Things to do in Puducherry are as below:


Things to do in Puducherry

1. Beach Walks: Walking through the Promenade Beach with the wind blowing against your hair is a dreamy feeling altogether.

2. Sacred Heart of Jesus: Visiting the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be a purging experience for both of you.

3. Visit the former French Colony: Spending time with your loved one in a former French Colony inside of India is surely a unique experience that you will remember forever. The Auroville Ashram is the best place for experiencing the true spirit of the serene and beautiful place.

4. Boat Ride: Take a boat ride from the Paradise Beach  Island.

5. Beach walks, sunset and romance: Birdwatching, watching the sun go down from the Promenade Beach and seeking blessing at the various churches present there are also a lot of memory creating activities.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: between October to March

Average Temperature: 24°C to 30°C

Hotels: Extending the stay in Windflower Resorts and Spa at Pondicherry is worth the thought. Other choices can be The Promenade and Villa Du Ocean.

Flight Fares: You need to take a flight from Sydney to Chennai International Airport (AUD 1600 to AUD 2000 for a round trip) and then you have to travel via boat or bus (151 km approx) to reach Puducherry.


#9 Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep Islands is an archipelago or a group of islands situated in the Laccadive Sea near Kerala. Kavaratti Island is the best island to stay there.


Things to do in Lakshadweep Islands

1. Scuba diving & more: One of the fun things to do there is scuba diving; there are around 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea. This will make the honeymoon more fun! Seeing the unique underwater world and colorful fishes and clicking pictures alongside them will be a memory you will never forget.

2. Fishing & calm time: At the Lakshwadeep Islands you can go fishing from the Minicoy Islands and take walks on the breathk-taking Agatti Island’s virgin beaches and watch the beautiful sunsets lying next to your favourite person in the world.

These are among the many things to do in Lakshwadeep Islands.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: between October to May

Average Temperature: 20°C to 32°C

Hotels: Agatti Island Beach Resort is one among the many hotels and resorts available there. Other options are Flyzone Premium Cottages and White Pearl Beach Hotel.

Flight Fares: Sydney to Kochi flights are for around 800 AUD and from there you can either take a flight or go by boat which is again going to be a great experience in itself.


#10 Daman & Diu

Another great honeymoon destination in India is the twin attraction of Daman & Diu. It is located on the Arabian Sea on the western coast. To name a few attractions would be the Fort of Moti Daman and Diu Fort. The things to do in Daman and Diu will leave memories that will remain impeccable and unparalleled.


Things to do in Daman & Diu

1. Amazing water sports: There are also plenty of water sports like parasailing and surfing, and also caves for you to explore with your life-partner.

2. Parasailing: At Daman and Diu you can go parasailing at the Jampore Beach.

3. Gorgeous Beaches: You can explore the Naida Caves, walk through the scenic beaches.

4. Experience local culture: Embark on a spiritual tour visiting the temples and churches in the area as well as go shopping and dine at popular restaurants together.


Hotels Flights & Things to know

Best time to visit: October to March

Average Temperature: 10°C to 24°C

Hotels: The Gold Beach Resort is an attraction by itself. Other great options are The Deltin Hotel & Casino and Cidade de Daman.

Flight Fares: From Sydney Airport to Diu Airport the flight fares are within 1200 AUD per person for a round trip.



There are countless honeymoon destinations in India that will take a lifetime to visit. However, the ones listed are the most popular destinations for newly-weds, to which you can plan your honeymoon.