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We pride ourselves in our personalised approach to each individual couple’s wedding night.

Let’s face it, music can make or break a wedding! So, let us make sure that you hear exactly what you and your guests want.

We’re able to do this because we only book 4 weddings per month. This allows us to provide a personalised and bespoke touch for each couple.

We take the time to get to know each couple’s musical tastes. Whether you are open to a wide range of music or would prefer a very specific list, you can have as much or as little control as you like over what music will be played. Then, just leave it to us to create the perfect mix for your wedding celebrations!

Vendor Profile - James Cross

Hi! I'm James - the creator of Wedding Event DJ Sydney.

I live and breathe music, with over 12 years of experience performing around the world as a musician and DJ. I bring my wealth of knowledge and experience to the DJ decks for every client.

Having worked over the years for many big DJ companies around Australia, I started my own business because I wanted to offer what those big companies can't - highly personalised and consistently professional service. Big companies lose that personal touch when they have too many DJ's on the books and too many gigs on the weekend. I started Wedding Event DJ Sydney to offer a unique and boutique experience.

I will manage the music side of your wedding or event from the moment you first contact me right to the end of the evening. That's the benefit of choosing a highly experienced and qualified individual DJ over a big DJ agency. I look forward to working with you to turn great music into even greater memories.

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