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We will ensure that your wedding will be remembered and talked about for many years. Our experience is second to none.
We are different to other bands for three reasons;
1. We specialise in playing for a long time. You can book us for 5, 6 or 7 hours. Our work ethic is second to none. It’s no trouble for us to play 6 or 7 sets.
2. We specialise in playing many different styles of music at the same performance. For a typical wedding audience with many different age groups, this will ensure EVERYONE will enjoy the band’s music.
3. The lead-singer is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing trombone, trumpet, guitar and ukulele. There’s never a dull moment!

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Slide McBride


Pricing is based on a cost per band member. Pricing generally is based on (but not always) a call time of FIVE hours. This is because wedding receptions are usually a minimum of five hours in duration. My regular band is a 4-piece, but I can also work as a 3-piece, 5-piece, 2-piece or as solo artist.
We pride ourselves on playing throughout the entire reception, which is typically 6 hours. If there were no speeches, this would equate into 6 x 45 minute sets. We usually play; (i) for pre-dinner drinks, (ii) throughout dinner (iii) for dancing
I am the band leader. I am also the singer. I am also a multi-instrumentalist, playing trombone, trumpet, guitar and ukulele. I can (and often do) work as a solo artist. My usual band for weddings is a 4-piece. This includes bass, drums and guitar, Plus me (as described above). I also commonly work as a 3-piece with bass, drums, plus me (on vocals, guitar, ukulele, trombone and trumpet). Other options include; (i) 2-piece band, with me + live drums + backing tracks (ii) 5-piece band where I add a female singer to the 4-piece line-up.
Our repertoire is extremely diverse. Most importantly, we have a sensational song list of rock, pop and dance covers that will fill up the dancefloor. In addition to this, we can play 1920's jazz, bossa nova, ska & reggae, Aussie rock classics, classic crooning jazz, classic hip-hop and latin jazz.
The furthest I've travelled to play at a wedding is Port Douglas in Northern Queensland. Obviously, there are added expenses, but there's always a price.


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