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Peter Willington Weddings

Price Range $ 800 - $ 1600


My name is Peter (but you can call me Pete) and I’m determined to deliver you the exact wedding that you want and deserve.

First and foremost, I am a celebrant and there’s a core legal function to what I do, however, my main role is to set the tone for your wedding from the outset.

I want you and your guests to feel like a friend is marrying you. A friend that you can trust and who will make you feel safe and comfortable when I’m standing next to on your wedding day.

I see it as my role on the day to be your advocate, your support crew and most importantly your warm-up act. Your wedding isn’t about me, it’s about you and your partner exchanging your promise to each other in your vows. It’s my job to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and confident in delivering these vows (which you’ll knock out of the park) in the perfect environment.

I can do this because, with the exception of a couple of required sentences, I start each and every ceremony script with a blank sheet of paper, which allows me to write a unique, meaningful ceremony that delivers exactly what you want for your wedding ceremony.

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