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Freaking Awesome Wedding Photography – Created simply and naturally for the easy going couple – No Awkward Poses. Ever.

*** Recenlty awarded ABIA NSW Wedding Photographer 2018 – Runner Up ***

I truly believe that you simply want your wedding day to be all about love, laughter, tears and smiles.

Just two people, family and being surrounded by everyone that matters in your life.

Stress free and relaxed.

I keep my photography style simple, creative, real and honest.

Raw and unfiltered.

Straight to the heart with meaning.

I love being around weddings and it’s a honour to be invited to so many each year!

You want your photographs to reflect your personality, not someone else’s idea of a cool pose. I completly get that and that’s exactly what I want for you.

No awkward poses.

None whatsover. I promise!

For the most part i’ll just stay out of your way but i’ll step in when I know the time is right and give you some helpful direction.

You want your wedding photos to reflect the many stories that happened around you and everything in-between you didn’t know happened.

My goal is take you back to how you felt on your wedding day in 10 or 20 years time and help you remember how freaking awesome it really was.

Just be your easygoing selves and you can trust that i have your best interests at heart.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kevin xx

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