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Hey there I’m Brett and it’s weird to talk about myself. I’m a pretty regular dude (mostly) that ended up with a camera making stories for people. I began making dumb little skate vids with mates in my teens that morphed into comedies of how weird, wonderful and unique each person is. That then become filming things at share house parties that were funny then but probably best left back in time. I fell in to business school somewhere in there but came out the other end with a film degree but secretly I still didn’t enjoy art house films. What I did enjoy and the passion that was ignited was a curiosity in catching moments in time and weaving that into something that takes us back and lets us feel the moments we loved all over again.

Now days I’m married to my own awesome chick (who showed up on some of that house party footage) and we’re the ridiculously proud parents of our own little creation Tom. She critiques my vids lovingly and ruthlessly and pushes me to be better through some very on point quality control. Tom just likes it when I film the birds.

Every wedding has it’s own natural force and I take my approach of focusing on the many moments and handcrafting a film I would want to watch. If you’ve watched some vids and find yourself connecting drop me a line and lets chat some more. Peace xxx.

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