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I am lighthearted and organised and just as excited about your wedding day as you are (believe me!). I LOVE photographing weddings! Weddings are pretty and fun and filled with emotion and details and everything I love to photograph! My wedding style could probably be described as classic, lifestyle which in other words is creative and relaxed yet organised when needed. I do love to capture spontaneous moments – they are real, honest and are the ones that show the personality and connections between the people you hold dearest to your heart. You may not realise it but the photos from your wedding, tells the story of one day in your life to future generations to come and I therefore take it very seriously to document YOU as best I can, in one day. Wedding photos should also be timeless, so you won’t find any funky gimmicks that date quicker than crazy hairstyles, with me, just natural, happy and romantic images. If you are a detailed and lighthearted bride, then we could be a wedding photography match made in heaven and I would love to hear from you!

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