Marriage Celebrant Interview Submission

With the increased demand of millennials to research their marriage celebrant online before making a decision; to help them make a better choice, we've decided to conduct online interviews of marriage celebrants and publish them on our site

What are the steps to submit my interview?

Please note that this process of interview submission is going to take around 10 to 20 minutes and does not allow you to save your interview answers. We would recommend you to go through the questions before first answering them to give you an idea of how much time you've require

Also, copying and pasting exact same sentences from your website or social media accounts it not the best way to go about interviewing. Consider these interviews to be a casual chat which is the best way you can answer these questions.

Step 1: Answer the Interview questions

Write detailed answers to the questions below. Remember the more detailed your answers are, the better chance you have to convince the couple reading your interview, to make a good choice for their big day.

Step 2: Add Photos

Ideal size: 960x 550

Step 3: Add your personal details

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